Ferrart Grapa fasteners are very easy to install and have a long-lasting quality.
The fastener - staples are made of stainless steel, which makes them safer and prevents corrosion. They are manufactured in stainless steel and A-1010 steel with a cold-rolled sheet and electrolytic galvanization.
It also included hinge pins for flat and flexible belts. Polyamide coated steel for bent belts. In order to complete the installation, use the Ferrart Installation Tool, which is light and easy-to-carry. Ferrart Grapa fastener is used in the manufacturing and agriculture industry.

Strap Thickness
Minimum Strap Diameter
Recommended Stretch
Maximum Stretch
1.6 - 3.2 mm
50 mm
16 kg/cm
25 kg/cm
3.2 - 4.8 mm
75 mm
23 Kg/cm
30 kg/cm
4.8 - 6.4 mm
100 mm
28 kg/cm
35 kg/cm

Installation tool Engrampadora Ferrart::
This tool, ASJ69, simplifies and aids the installation of Grapa Ferrart fastener 62, 125 and 187.
It reduces installation time.  Specialists have tested and recommend this tool, which meets the high requirements of the market.
Support Manuals for Grapa
Ferrart Brochure

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